Planning a Cycling Challenge?

Velo Rouge Cycling can help make it happen!

For groups of 2-10 people we can provide full logistics, including help with route planning and pre-ride bike preparation.

Whether you're planning on riding from Biarritz to Barcelona, Paris to Nice or Pisa to Rome, we can meet you at the airport with your bikes and kit, provide en-route servicing, food stops and photography. At the end of your days ride we can have your tents ready erected if you're camping, check and repair your bikes, charge your phones, laptops, gps devices and cameras.

We carry an extensive array of workshop equipment and spares tailored to your groupset and we also carry spare wheels and bikes - so whatever mechanical issues you face, your ride won't be put in jeopardy.

At Velo Rouge Cycling we know how important your trip is to you and we respect the fact that you will have been training closely as a group for months, hence we keep a low profile - we're there to facilitate rather than dominate, so we do everything possible to make sure your ride is a complete success. At the end of your ride we'll drive all of your bikes and kit back to the UK.

No two trips are the same and we have the flexibility to accommodate your plans, whether your challenge is in the UK or Europe and wherever you're located in Britain - just get in touch and let the adventure begin!